Ropeflex trainers are designed and manufactured by HIPEQ (High Performance Equipment). At HIPEQ we are dedicated to designing and building high quality innovative fitness equipment. We are proud to say that all of our products are made in the United States of America, according to the highest quality standards. This is the way we have done it since 2008, supplying our users with effective, reliable and user friendly training equipment.


Like many other companies we started out from very humble beginnings. Long commutes to and from a full time day job and working late nights to develop ideas into reality. Strong relationships were developed during this arduous period and we are very thankful to those who have helped us, kept us on a straight path and steered us in the right direction. 


The company was founded on Five Principles

Personal Integrity • Innovative Design • Precision Engineering • Superior Quality & Value • Local Sourcing

 Ropeflex IngerityComputer Aided Design and ValidationPrecision MeasurementLaser CuttingMade in USA

Utilizing advanced Computer Aided Design methods, sophisticated modeling techniques, and building prototypes in a continuous improvement cycle, the company is focused on addressing the needs of everyone. Inspired by the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, experience gained from a life-long commitment to personal fitness and health, the company continues to innovate and expand its technologies to help everyone attain the fitness level they aspire. In keeping with our Five Principles, each machine is inspected, tested, and approved before shipment. And because we strive to manufacture everything "in house" whatever we cannot make we usually source locally. We are proud of our products, but always listen to input. Comments and suggestions are welcome. We read and respond to all!



"If you want to make it in the fight game, you have to be in shape. I took my conditioning to the next level using ROPEFLEX machines. You can't get the same workout on any other piece of equipment. We rely on ROPEFLEX RX2100 to get in shape for all our fights."

-Mike Swick
(CEO of AKA Thailand & UFC Veteran)

"The ROPEFLEX RX2200 seated rope-pull machine has been a welcome addition to my gym! My Trainers appreciate the functional training aspects of the Rope-Pull for their clients. My members like the novelty and challenge that this equipment provides."

-Richard Gaytan
(Owner of Bay Front Fitness)

"It is rare that an equipment manufacturer excites the Review Board as much as HiPEQ. Without question, the HiPEQ design is one of the very best we have ever seen..... The bottom line - ROPEFLEX delivers and is the HEAD OF THE CLASS Winner for cross-trainers under $3,000."

-Fitness Professor Review

"I'm not really a big fan of machines, but this is a really good one (RX2500 + HIPERVISION). Not only is it really, really fun, but it's a great cardio workout. Try to go the full 280 feet. It's a challenge!"

-Josh Brandt
(Trainer, University of California San Francisco)

"If you are an X Gym member, you know what this is (RX2300). If not then you will miss out, or will have get one yourself. This machine makes a huge difference in your arm endurance for railing. The same advice goes for this exercise: mix it up."

-P.J. Glassey
(CEO of -X Gym, Seattle)

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