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IHRSA 2014 - San Diego, California

This year you can experience the OX2 (RX2100) modular rope drum on the Paramount Fitness Zone (XFT-700)



Rogue Fitness is now carrying the OX2, and you can purchase it for your new or existing Rogue Rig. Click here to go directly to Rogues site. In Canada Atlantis Fitness is now offering the OX2 Rope Trainer as an option for the FTC-50 and FTC-100. Click here to find out more.

IHRSA 2012 - Los Angeles, California

IHRSA 2012 - Los Angeles, California
We were privileged to show two of our products on the Purmotion FTS rack. Our new friction based drums, which first appeared on the DRAGON, can now be purchased directly from Purmotion and include a 30 foot double braided rope. As on our original DRAGON model the height of the drum can be adjusted. In addition, Purmotion engineered a support column which rotates 170 degrees for directional flexibility.

The OX2 once again proved to be an extremely popular model. It’s the smallest and most affordable isokinetic rope machine on the market with a ZERO footprint. Check out photos below.


BODYPOWER & Leisure Industry Week - Birmingham, UK

Please contact Leisurelines in the United Kingdom. Click here to visit their site.

UFC Fan Expo 2010
On May 28-29th, we participated in the second anual UFC fan expo in Las Vegas! This year we had a privilage of joining American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) as they promoted the AKA brand with the help of Cain Velasquez, Jon Fitch, and Mike Swick stopping by to make appearances and sign autographs for the many fans waiting in line. AKA held a contests to win autographed apparel by competing in a race on the exclusive AKA rope machine.

Please contact AKA directly to inquire and purchase they exclusive line of HiPEQ products. Click here to visit their site.



28th National Fitness Trade Show

UFC Fan Expo 2009

On July 10-11th, we had occasion to participate at the historic, first-ever UFC fan expo in Las Vegas! Fight fans gathered from all over the world at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center for the Grappler’s Quest submission wrestling tournament, hundreds of exhibitors displaying MMA-related merchandise, and many of the best fighters in the business ready to meet them. This event was the perfect opportunity to introduce MMA fans, as well as general fitness enthusiasts, to Hipeq’s line of exercise equipment that promotes functional training through unique, highly effective, and safe exercise. So we jumped on the chance to showcase our products at our very own booth at the expo!

Hipeq proudly presented the IBEX™ and ADDEX™ models of our line of rope machines. The expo attendees loved the Intelligent Resistance™ feature, available on all HiPEQ™ rope machines, which automatically adapts to the increase or decrease of the force applied by the user. The dual-position IBEX™ was well received by fans for its versatility and compact, space-saving design, while the sliding-seat of the ADDEX™ was recognized as delivering a twice as effective workout in half the time! But what fans loved most was the special challenge we set up to debut our Hipervision™ software...

Hipervision™ offers a whole new way to add excitement to your workout! By connecting HiPEQ™ equipment to Hipervision™ software, users can see a simulated world that responds in real-time as the user exercises, with adjustable goals for time, distance, and other variables. Rather than trying to explain all the benefits of Hipeq™ equipment and Hipervision™ software, we thought it would be better to let users simply experience it through a special challenge! We configured Hipervision™ on the IBEX™, in the vertical position, to simulate an avatar climbing toward a light-tower on top of a hill, set at simulated 860 feet. We then challenged the fan expo attendees to achieve the fastest time to the top!

We thought it would be almost impossible to achieve this feat in less than one minute. But soon our first challenger to break the one-minute bar proved us wrong! Then another one clocked an incredible 47 seconds! Later, the best time improved to 43, then 41, and finally 40 seconds! It was amazing to watch as thanks to the Intelligent Resistance™ feature, a 4 year old girl was able to slowly-but-surely complete the simulated 860 feet, while a 260 pound bodybuilder failed to complete as he burned out early on due to his fast pace, and correspondingly higher resistance! Crowds gathered as each new challenger tried to get the best time, or just sought to complete the 860 feet. The response was overwhelmingly positive, as everyone loved Hipervision™ and those who tried out machines loved the effectiveness of the exercise. What better way to explain the combined cardiovascular and strength benefits of a safe, simple, effective, and functional training equipment?

As much as fans loved the special challenge, this is just the beginning of Hipervision™ and Hiperconnect™ technology! We are constantly working on new ways to add excitement to your workout, and to challenge you in new ways. Hiperconnect™ will connect various HiPEQ™ machines for interactive racing, workouts, coaching, or just plain fun! Our products will continue to break new ground in functional training, and unique, effective, safe, and fun workouts!

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