Hipervision GX

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• Virtual environment for Ropeflex machines
• Real-time interactive visual display for training and motivation
• Set goals for time or distance
• Keep track of, and accurately measure your progress
• Race other users in HiperConnect Competition network mode

All HIPEQ exercise equipment is compatible with Hipervision virtual training technology. If exercising was a chore before, you’ll love the way Hipervision puts the excitement back into your workouts.

Hipervision-GX can instantly transport you from dull monotony to a virtual world of fun and variety, where exercise meets exhilaration. This groundbreaking new feature offers a simulated environment that responds in real time as you exercise, providing feedback including time, distance, plus other variables, and unparalleled motivation. You’ll never be bored with various adjustable goals to customize each workout to your needs. Hipervision-GX can also accommodate multiple HIPEQ machines for interactive racing, instruction, or group exercise. 


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HiperVision GX installation manual

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