Fitness Equipment Designed and Built to Last

Our primary goal is to provide consumers with the best commitment to service and support in the industry. Our philosophy is to design and build extremely reliable fitness equipment using the highest quality materials. The result is better products at the best value. We source our material from within the United States of America and all of our products are built here, in California using state of the art manufacturing facilities.

What makes Ropeflex machines attractive is the fact they are low maintenance. Our patent pending direct drive magnetic resistance mechanism is virtually maintenance free and does not employ gears belts or pulleys. We designed it right from the start, using computer aided design and performing rigorous testing indoor and outdoor. In addition, we can customize any of our products to customers specific needs and maintain the same high quality service and support as we do for our standard line of equipment.

HIPEQ equipment features:

  • Precision Welded Laser Cut Commercial Gym Quality strength equipment made in the United States
  • US made cushions are made using 2 inch thick 8lb Foam Padding and high quality vinyl
  • Our proprietary smooth, quiet and self-adjusting resistance technology
  • US made highest quality polyester double braided rope
  • Heavy 11 gauge (0.120 inch wall) tubing frames provide strength and durability
  • Nickel or Zinc plated and stainless steel attachment hardware


We believe in our products and strive to offer the simplest and fastest resolution to all equipment related concerns. Our warranty service program gives its customers the option to return the product for repair, exchange or refund if the product is determined to be defective.

Frame (not coatings)10 years
Structural parts10 years
Pulleys3 years
Bearings3 years
Labor1 year
Electronics1 year
Rope / Upholstery6 months
Accessories6 months